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Normally, single zone completions of oil and gas wells allow relative simplicity in the completion design. In the most basic of these completions, absent of significant bottom hole pressure and temperatures, the completion might include only a tubing anchoring device or basic packer to accommodate casing protection or artificial lift equipment.

The complexity of a single zone completion is dictated, not only by the producing zones’ pressure, temperature, and fluid/gas characteristics, but also by the proposed setting technique and anticipated treatment activities. Properly designed, the completion can be installed as designed, and not require removal or redesign for planned treatment of thezone. 

For this reason, a broad range of tool designs exist to provide the options necessary, both for the wellbore conditions and the economic considerations of the well.

Completions, which may require installation removal for either maintenance or changing well conditions, typically employ retrievable packers. 

Permanent Packers are usually selected for more extreme conditions and where well conditions may remain stable for longer periods. 

With either selection, setting options are determined by the well conditions and well site considerations. While retrievable packers are available in mechanical set, hydraulic set, or wireline set models, permanent packers are normally set on wireline or hydraulically actuated. 

Other accessory components of the completion, including flow control devices and safety systems, must also be designed into the completion to accommodate both existing and anticipated conditions. 

A surface controlled sub-surface safety valve is used as an integral part of the tubing string in production or injection wells. The Sub-Surface Safety Valves are used to provide a downhole safety valve meeting regulatory requirements. A sub-surface safety valve capable, of shutting in the well is utilized to protect people’s lives, properties, the operator’s investment, and the environment in the event of a catastrophe at the surface.