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The WEIQIXIN Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise which is founded and developed after the policy of Reformand Opening, we are professional downhole tool manufacturer with the complete range of completion tool series. We are not only the first level network member of the Energy Ahead, SINOPEC and CNOOC, but also the export network member of China Petroleum Technology & Development Corporation.

The WEIQIXIN Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd., which owns the regional environment of developed science and technology and a galaxy of talent and relies on the scientific research ofoil production research institute of the oilfield. The company possesses strong scientific and technical potency, advanced manufacturing installation, scientific test procedure and perfect quality certification system. Our products have been certified by API ISO9001: 2008 (Registration Number: 2237), Quality Specification of Petroleum, Petroleum Chemistry and Natural Gas Industry issued by American Petroleum Institute (API Spec Q1) (Registration Number: Q1-2144), Specification for Subsurface Safety Valve (API Spec 14A) (License Number: 14A-0058), Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries - Downhole Equipment - Packers and Bridge Plugs (API Spec 11D1) (License Number: 11D1-0073) and Lock Mandrels and Landing Nipples (API Spec 14L) (License Number: 14L-0048), which lay a solid foundation for the long-term development of the company. 

The main Business scope of our headquarter WEIQIXIN Petroleum Machinery (BEIJING) Co., Ltd. are  Financial, Business, Purchase and Integrated Management affairs. 

The WEIQIXIN Petroleum Machinery (TIANJIN) Co., Ltd. was founded in 2012, a over 30,000 M2 new manufactory was built in Tianjin Airport Economic Area in Tianjin Binhai New Area. Tianjin Binhai New Area is the closest China National Economic and Technical Development Zone to Beijing and named as "Offshore Gate" both for Beijing and Tianjin. There are offshore oil base, chemical industry manufactory, salt and ship-building manufactory, as well as the biggest artificial harbor -- Tianjin Port. The new manufactory have an excessive transportation situation which is 2 hrs' drive from Beijing, 5 mins to the Tianjin airport, 20 mins to the Tianjin port and with the No.2 subway nearby.

The new manufactory of WEIQIXIN Petroleum Machinery (TIANJIN) Co., Ltd. have five workshops, one research center and one office building with more than 6,000 M2 area, one raw material stock facility, one accommodation building for employee. Totally manufactory area is around 30,000 M2. It provides the product development, product manufacturing and well completion service. FYI, we now have operation sites in Iran, Iraq, Shenzhen and Shanghai in China.

Presently, WEIQIXIN Petroleum Machinery (TIANJIN) Co., Ltd. have the annual production capacity for 1,000 wells, including the SCSSV Subsurface Safety Valve series, the ESP Retrievable Packer (Multi-string Packer) series, the Permanent and Retrievable Packer series, Sand Control Packer series, Flow Control series, Chemical Injection systems and the other completion tools.

The SCSSV Subsurface Safety Valve series not only can be applied to the common well, but also can keep from corrosion in the well with hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide. Therefore, they are widely used in oil and gas wells, for example in offshore and onshore oilfields in China, oilfields in Middle East and Middle Asia. WEIQIXIN is the one and only API certificate SCSSV manufacturer in China.

The ESP Retrievable Packer (Multi-string Packer) series are applicable to ESP producing well, which are of full product specifications and corollary equipments. 

The Packer series are of full rig equipment supply, excellent performance, reliable quality, so they widelywin the high opinion of consumers. We have Permanent Packer system, Retrievable Sealbore Packer system, Mechanical Set Retrievable Packer system, Hydraulicset Retrievable Packer system, Sand Control Packer system. At present they are used by numerous consumers in Domestic and Overseas oilfields. 

The Flow Control series have different kinds of Nipples, Sliding Sleeve, Blanking Plug, Running and Pulling tools. Our flow control tool can compatible with model WF, WR, WX and WXN profile which is most popular in current completion operations. 

We also have Chemical Injection system, Y Block, Shear Ball Seat Sub and other completion accessories. 

We are able to design and manufacture the downhole equipments in conformity to API Standard and Domestic Standard, according to the customers' requirements. Furthermore, we take up orders of special demands. 

We would like to widely communicate and cooperate with colleagues at home and abroad, and sincerely provides quality products and service for customers.